Welcome to the Gaaskjolen Gelbvieh and Angus Ranch



       The owners of Gaaskjolen Gelbvieh and Angus extend to you a warm welcome to our website and thank you for visiting. Although we have been in the purebred cattle business for over 3 decades and have had much success in the goals we set out to achieve, we all know there are several more on the horizon. It is the drive behind our philosophies.

     Over the last 30 some years we have had an intense A.I. program using the most powerful sires available.

      Fertility, milk, muscle and growth rate were the primary reasons we chose Gelbvieh cattle in 1973. Since then we have been fine tuning these traits in a balancing act with the environment to achieve an easy keeping cow that fits the area we live in. Our base herd was primarily angus and during the past decade we have reintroduced angus genetics to achieve what has become known as the BalancerTM. We have in our offering the full spectrum including purebred Gelbvieh, balancer, a small but select group of purebred angus and most recently sim-angus.

      Since the future of our industry relies on quality beef and a sustainable cow herd, we at Gaaskjolen Gelbvieh and Angus have worked hard to produce a set of bulls that will reflect carcass quality, calving ease, and the maternal traits that will keep your cows working as hard as you do generation after generation.         

     With the latter in mind, we have increased our emphasis on our balancer program. We have topped several angus production sales to put together an Angus bull battery that will complement our purebred Gelbvieh cows. These bulls, along with our continued emphasis on a solid A.I. program, gives us the confidence that our bulls represent the optimum combination.